Review: Galilahi 2.0 + The Girl on the Train

After finishing A Casual Vacancy, I wanted a quick read – one that would only take me a day or two. After reading the reviews about how The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins was such a fast-paced thriller and better than Gone Girl (read it last year, loved it; saw the movie, was surprisingly good – highly recommend it, especially if you don’t know what the twist is!), I … Continue reading Review: Galilahi 2.0 + The Girl on the Train

Review: Shandy + A Casual Vacancy

The worst thing about dark polishes is how when they chip, it’s painfully obvious. I only had a few minor ones, but Blackberry Jam had to go. It was a happy coincidence though – I had just finished A Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling and really wanted to coordinate my nails with the dust jacket. While not Smokey Mountain Lacquers, I had just the color: … Continue reading Review: Shandy + A Casual Vacancy

Review: Black Dahlia Lacquer Colored Cremes Collection

I found Black Dahlia Lacquer on Instagram a few months ago and have been following them for a while. It wasn’t until the Colored Cremes Collection launched that I decided I needed to have all of them. What really sold me was that they are mostly one coat wonders and that they are good for stamping.  I knew this collection had to be a part of … Continue reading Review: Black Dahlia Lacquer Colored Cremes Collection

ExuberAnt Polish Fall Trio Review

Instagram is an amazing place to discover new indie polishes. A few weeks ago, I was scrolling through my feed when I saw a post from someone I follow of these three beautiful autumnal colors from ExerberAnt Polish, a brand I had never heard of. Immediately falling in love with these colors, I clicked on ExurberAnt Polish’s handle (@exuberantpolish), scrolled through a few photos, clicked … Continue reading ExuberAnt Polish Fall Trio Review


This is about as politically active as I’ll get on my blog: I stand with Planned Parenthood. They do amazing work by providing STI screenings, cancer screenings, information about sex, birth control. Attacks on this institution are completely unfounded and absolutely ridiculous – they help those without insurance, with limited resources. Planned Parenthood educates people, helps them stay healthy, and gives them options. This Washington … Continue reading #PinkOut

Review: Dream Polish Smooth Gem Base Coat

I’m not a serious scheduler when it comes to my posts, but this one is kind of impromptu for me. If I do reviews, I prefer to give a before and after shot for the results, but since that was not at all my intention with this product, that didn’t happen. That being said, I wanted to take some time to rave about Dream Polish Smooth Gem … Continue reading Review: Dream Polish Smooth Gem Base Coat

Review: KBShimmer Mani Shots

I’m always looking for new products that can improve my nail and hand health. Mani Shots from KBShimmer seemed like a great option. They have 25 different scents, 9 of which are limited editions (and two are currently sold out) and cost $1.95 a pop. Each Mani Shot is loaded with cocoa butter, shea butter, jojoba oil, and olive oil to make hands silky smooth … Continue reading Review: KBShimmer Mani Shots

Review: Zoya Naked Manicure

The other day, I saw this add on Facebook featuring Zoya’s new Naked Manicure system that helps “treat, correct, and protect” nails, promising to improve the appearance of nails immediately and in the long term. As someone who constantly wear’s nail polish, I’m always looking for something that will help make my nails stronger and helps discoloration, so I checked out all the details on the Zoya … Continue reading Review: Zoya Naked Manicure