Getting Started: Breaking into the Indie Polish Community

There are so many great places on the web to get information now-a-days. Social media definitely has to be one of the best. Indie polish makers have expertly leveraged Instagram to promote their brands and products; in turn, they’ve created cult followings that have bled into Facebook (and for make-up brands, Snapchat). The best way to stay up-to-date with these brands is definitely to follow them … Continue reading Getting Started: Breaking into the Indie Polish Community

2016: A Year in Indie Polish

2016 was an interesting year. While personally, I can say that I’ve grown and great things have happen to me, I can’t necessarily say the same about other aspects of the world. My main concern, though, is 2016: the year the indie polish game became oversaturated. I say this knowing full well that I’m writing an indie nail blog that no one will read, but … Continue reading 2016: A Year in Indie Polish

Winter Care & Keeping

Despite the unseasonably warm weather, I’ve slowly noticed my hands becoming drier and drier. To be sure, part of this is due to my recent and frequent hand washing (in warm water, none-the-less) because I’ve been baking and cooking for the holidays. But the other part is that the air is just that much drier this time of year. As someone who constantly is washing … Continue reading Winter Care & Keeping

Inspired: Rudolph Mani

If you’re an Indie Brand Lover and exist on Facebook, you should definitely be a part of the For the Love of Indies group. It’s a pretty magical place where people share their blogs, mani’s, sales, appreciation, etc. all in relation to indie polishes and brands. That’s where I got the inspiration for my second manicure leading up to Christmas: It was a super easy decision, … Continue reading Inspired: Rudolph Mani