These are a few questions I wanted to answer right off the bat. I’d love to add a few more questions to this page, so let me know what they are in the comments section!

  • Nail Lasagna? Just, what?
    • My last name, Castagna is Italian. When said in italian, it’s “lasagna” with a C.
    • There’s more to doing nails than just the polish, like upkeep, types of polish, love, and formulas. Like delicious, delicious lasagna, a lot of “ingredients” have work together to make a great manicure.
  • Are you a professional?
    • There’s a whole lot of “nope” in this answer: I’ve considered becoming a nail tech, but in the state of New Jersey, you have to be certified in EVERYTHING – hair, waxing, make-up application, etc. I do not have the time, money, or want to go through all that for interest in just a small portion of the curriculum. Also, I Instagram (and now blog) and promote my favorite colors and brands because I like doing my nails. I don’t get freebies and I don’t get paid, I just want to share the love.
  • You’re photos kind of suck. Why?
    • Like I said, I’m not a professional. Most of my photos are from my iPhone and maybe my point and shoot that I got in 2011 because that’s what I have.

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