#ManiMonday, January 30

These past few days I’ve been on a reading roll and therefore, not short on color inspiration! After reading The Girl on the Train, I knew I wanted to read Rose Madder by Stephen King. The common thread the books share is women and their experience with abuse. I had read Rose Madder in high school and it was one of the first novels I’d read by Stephen King and I absolutely loved it. Recently, I saw some book reviews where people didn’t like how the fantasy was interwoven into the realistic part of the story (they say it was a ploy to connect it to The Dark Tower series), so I was a little disappointed, but I’m excited to do this second reading to see if my nostalgia holds up.

While I’m not done with rereading the book just yet, the book cover is black img_8470with a red foil rose inlay and that was my inspiration for this #ManiMonday. I’m wearing 04/16 from Love, Angeline. It was the monthly exclusive for the Love, Angeline fan group on Facebook and since it is my birth month, I knew I had to treat myself. This is my first use of this particular polish because although it is beautiful, it didn’t scream “birthday” or “April” to me and since then, it really never called to me.

As per usual, this polish is sandwiched between Dream Polish Gem Stick Base Coat and Love, Angeline Topped with Love. Application was super easy – it went on in two easy coats and was perfectly opaque after two even coats. This holo red has some iridescent glitters which didn’t affect  application whatsoever.

I don’t remember where or when I got this book, but I always knew I was missing the dust jacket. When I took sometime to do research about what the dust jacket would look like, the covers are all creepy AF and I am so glad I don’t have it. I’m sure I wouldn’t have had the same type of inspiration if I did.


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