Review: Galilahi 2.0 + The Girl on the Train

After finishing A Casual Vacancy, I wanted a quick read – one that would only take me a day or two. After reading the reviews about how The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins was such a fast-paced thriller and better than Gone Girl (read it last year, loved it; saw the movie, was surprisingly good – highly recommend it, especially if you don’t know what the twist is!), I picked it up and started reading on the train to work that morning. And then I finished it after dinner that night. I also wanted a reason to get rid of that putrid yellow, and this was my out!

It was definitelyimg_8458 a quick read, so that I appreciated. And it certainly was fast-paced – I didn’t want to put it down. It was a little scary: our main character, Rachel is an alcoholic and drinks to the point of blacking out, not remembering what’s happened in those hours she couldn’t form short term memories. I’ve blacked out before; some of this stuff could have happened to me. But then on top of that, there is abuse from men/lovers. The combination of the two – blacking out and abuse – is realistic enough and therefore terrifying. That being said, I was always pulling for Rachel to get help and get better, figure out what she forgot and solve her own internal mystery. When it got to the climax of the novel, I was so proud that she figured it out but so anxious for how it all played out.

Was it better than Gone Girl? No, no it was not. The “twist” in The Girl on the Train was much more predictable and realistic; almost lazy. When discussing this book with a colleague, she said, “It’s almost like she [the author] didn’t want to write anymore and just threw together an ending.” I’m inclined to agree – the climax was definitely hurrieimg_8452d (maybe because I read it so quickly?) and it all kind of mashed together, rushing towards the end.

The nail color I chose to go along with the cover evokes the complete opposite feelings in me. Galilahi 2.0 is from the Smokey Mountain Lacquers Fall 2015 collection that I’ve been slowly making my way through. It is a beautiful, calm, green holo polish. I think it’s one of the most stunning greens I own. It’s also the perfect cool toned green; it would definitely go well with brown (as greens are wont to do), but I think it would look fantastic paired with grey as well. What I love most though, is that it isn’t one of those greens that look out of place – it’s subdued enough that no one would look at you twice in a more professional or formal setting. I don’t feel uncomfortable or out of place wearing this green on my nails (which is not what I can say about that Shandy color).

Upon doing some research, Galilahi is a Native American name that means, “attractive.” I love that this earthy green was bestowed with a Native American name and that it does fulfill it’s meaning. All in all, I really love this polish and will definitely have to bust it out more in the fall.



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