#ManiMonday, January 23

This week, I didn’t get to finish the book that I started but I am very proud of what I did accomplish: I marched with the Women’s March in Philadelphia with 50,000 other people. It was beautiful – so many people coming together to support rights for *everyone*, no matter what.

While I was unable to don pink nails for the event to go along with the pink “This Pussy Grabs Back” poster and pink pussy hat bestowed upon me by on of my colleagues, I wanted to honor the love and support going into the next week. At the img_8433moment, pink is too light and bright for the feel I’m going for on my nails (#aesthetics), so I pulled out “Blackberry Jam” from the Smokey Mountain Lacquers Fall 2015 collection. This beautiful purple holo nail was inspired by the Penzeys Kind Heart pin that my other colleague had given me (and the rest of our office) leading up to the march.

The polish itself is something I have worn several times but truly love. It goes on very smoothly andimg_8429 is fully opaque in two coats. Like usual, it’s sandwiched between Dream Polish Gem Glam Base Coat and Love, Angeline Topped with Love. I was sure to wrap both the polish and top coat, so I’m confident this polish will last me most of the week.

I’m a huge fan of this color, especially for the fall and dark days of winter.


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