Getting Started: Breaking into the Indie Polish Community

There are so many great places on the web to get information now-a-days. Social media definitely has to be one of the best. Indie polish makers have expertly leveraged Instagram to promote their brands and products; in turn, they’ve created cult followings that have bled into Facebook (and for make-up brands, Snapchat).

The best way to stay up-to-date with these brands is definitely to follow them on your most used platforms. I’m constantly scrolling through Instagram, so I always peep new colors from my favorite brands and art from my favorite nail artists, even when I’m not specifically looking. While I’m not much of a Facebook user, I realized that if I really did want in on some of these polishes, I’d need to join their specific groups. By doing so, I can jump on a purchasing bandwagon, learn about releases, and get codes to purchase the polish I want.

If you’re new to indie polish, these are some great places to get started:


  1. For the Love of Indies – this is a catch-all group of indie polish (and other misc. items) makers. People are constantly posting updates, coupon codes, reviews/blog posts, sharing information, and asking questions or giving advice. It’s a very welcoming community that is a great resource, especially for getting good polish at a discount.
  2. Stamping Polish 101 – specifically for stamping enthusiasts, from newbie to expert, this group is a great resource for all things stamping. The group has a whole document of polishes that stamp well (that aren’t specifically stamping polish) and threads upon threads on stamping best practices. It’s a great support group and a great place to draw inspiration for your next mani, stamping or not!
  3. The Nail Room – If you want to know the dirty, this is the place to go. It can get wonderfully dramatic at times, but most of the time is pretty chill. Mostly, it’s just a bunch of wonderful people asking for advice or venting about an order.
  4. Hella Holo Customs – If you LOVE holo polish, this is the place to go. This is a group specifically for holo group customs. Each month, a new maker is chosen to create a polish based on and inspired by an image (or two) submitted by a member of the group. To purchase these beauties, you must be in this group. If you’re partial to exclusive polish, this is group you need to be in.
    1. Hella Holo Customs Chat, ISO & Rehoming 🙂 – the group to be a part of if you miss a sale or realize you REALLY need that one holo color. (ISO = In Search Of, DISO is a variation where the D = desperately).
  5. Your Favorite Brand/Box – If your favorite brand has any sort of following or a monthly/seasonal box you’re interested in exists, chances are: they have a Facebook Group. Definitely find it and join it – I’ve seen several brands do group exclusives that are beautiful and otherwise unavailable to the VIPs. Also, this is a great way to get information from them first (like closing or releases or sales & codes).


  1. indiepolish411 – this account reposts EVERYTHING from indie polish makers on Instagram. It’s a great place to see codes & sales and discover new brands.
  2. Fav Brands & Brands your interested in – the best thing about Instagram is that it’s non-committal! Find your favorite brands and follow brands that you’ve never tried. It’s a great way to find new polishes and nail artists, who in turn can introduce you to other brands.

I haven’t seen a lot of indie polishes on Twitter. I think it might be because of the character limit – microblogging is hard enough, never mind being SUPER limited. That being said, there are nail twitter accounts out there, you just have to look for them.

What other recommendations do you have for Facebook or Instagram? Let me know in the comments below!




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