#ManiMonday, January 16

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Many honor his legacy through service and volunteering in communities across America. Although I was unable to volunteer this year, I think it’s an interesting coincidence that the book (review) of the week, Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee corresponds with the date.

Although only published in 2015, it was originally written in the ’50s whenimg_8397 tensions surrounding civil rights were rising. The Supreme Court’s ruling of Brown v. The Board of Education drove the main conflict in this period-piece (at least I’m 95% sure it was this case). While an interesting snapshot of life for a white woman from the south during the ’50s, I came away incredibly frustrated: I cheered for our main character, Jean Louise (aka Scout) when she was appalled by her father and love interest’s want to keep segregation, but was equally dismayed when she spoke out about the Supreme Court’s decision saying – it trampled on States’ rights (10th amendment).

Ultimately, I think that the dichotomy and my conflicting feelings are important, especially in the political climate we find ourselves in today. It’s important to be open, have conversations, and learn from the other side. The quote that really drove this home for me was:

Very well, if you won’t let me tell you what Melbourne said I’ll put it in my own words: the time your friends need you is when they’re wrong, Jean Louise. They don’t need you when they’re right –

This week’s nail polish though, was super easy, smooth, and pretty much just made me happy. As I’m sure anyone who’s consistently read my blog since the beginning of the year (lololol) has probably noticed I’ve been doing darker colors from Smokey Mountain Lacquers Fall 2015 collection. Today, I’ve decided to skip the purple, and go straight to the dark blue to correspond with the dust jacket of Harper Lee’s second novel. I really loved the color scheme and illustration on the cover and was glad I had a color from this particular collection I could pull from.

img_8390The name of this dark blue is Denim Diva. I have worn it several times and it looks fabulous when paired with other colors in a gradient, but this was the first time I’ve put it on all the nails, all by itself. It is a very lovely denim-colored blue. The first coat was pretty sheer and appeared fairly grey, but the second coat made it perfect. As per usual, this color was sandwiched between Dream Polish Gem Glam Base Coat and Love, Angeline Topped with Love. I particularly like how this polish looks on shorter nails and am looking forward to seeing how long this manicure stays on!




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