2016: A Year in Indie Polish

2016 was an interesting year. While personally, I can say that I’ve grown and great things have happen to me, I can’t necessarily say the same about other aspects of the world.

My main concern, though, is 2016: the year the indie polish game became oversaturated. I say this knowing full well that I’m writing an indie nail blog that no one will read, but it’s true: too many people are are trying to capitalize on the indie nail polish scene. To be sure, competition is great for collectors, but in this growth and innovation, we’ve experienced a few losses; losses that I am actually heartbroken over:

  1. Magic 8 Box – originally started as the Beauty Quartet Box, this seasonal box featured four standard polish makers and four rotating polish makers. Each polish was exclusive to the box and there were a limited number of boxes sold. The price point was between $50-60, which was really great for the number of polishes. Despite the awesome themes, they called it quits.
  2. Pipe Down This Love is Bliss – an elusive box that I was never able to get my hands on featured polishes from Pipe Dream Polish, Love Angeline, and Bliss Polish with a rotating fourth brand. They were always beautiful and sold in limited quantities, but alas, they are no more.
  3. Philly Loves Lacquer – Esther Fox decided to close her Philly Loves Lacquer shop for good in December 2016. As one of my favorite brands and the brand that really opened up the indie polish world to me, I was pretty disappointed. That all being said, in the time that I’ve been a fan, I’ve gotten my hands on some beautiful polishes and I’m happy to have been a part of the PhLL family.
  4. Love, Angeline – Actual tears on this one. Natosha made polishes like I’d never seen before and the most perfect top coat of all time. I pretty much loved everything Love, Angeline put out and I couldn’t get enough of her polish (even when my bank account told me no). With LuLaRoe becoming a big business, she made the tough decision to focus on that instead. I know I’ll sorely miss Natosha and Love, Angeline in the indie-sphere.
  5. Topped with Love (top coat by Love, Angeline) – This was my first thought when I found out Love, Angeline was closing shop, but then Natosha said that she was going to be selling her formula to another indie brand (Bliss Polish), it gave me cause to rejoice. Until a few days ago – there are issues with the supplier and for that reason, Topped with Love will be discontinued forever.

I’m sure, in time, I will learn to love again. Until then, I will enjoy what I have in my collection from these boxes and makers and be on the look out for different brands and polishes to fall in love with.

What were you sad to see go in 2016? Any indie brands to keep an eye out for in 2017? Let me know in the comments below!


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