#ManiMonday, January 2

Oh, hello there! It’s been some times since I’ve put my fingers to the keys and written about my adventures in indie nail polish. Well, I will be on hiatus no more. It’s a new year and I have some goals to tackle – getting through and showing off my nail polish collection being one of them. So, without further ado, I present to you…

img_8324Koko 2.0 from Smokey Mountain Lacquers. This black, holo, beauty was from their Fall 2015 collection. (I know, I’m terrible – I’ve been holding out!). Application, despite it’s age, was very easy. It took two coats for full opacity. For the base coat, I used my trusty Dream Polish Gem Stick Base Coat (in scent Maple Apple) and the top coat was Love, Angeline Topped with Love.

The whole reason I whipped this color out was for New Years Eve. Originally I wanted to do a holo gold and creme black gradient combination, but the gold I grabbed had some dried excess polish around the neck of the bottle and was a little thick when I finally managed to open it. I nearly cried – it is one of my favorite polishes! Once I got that mess cleaned up, I didn’t have enough time to make the polish, gradient, and clean-up happen before we left for NYE festivitiesimg_8326, so black holo it was!

Although I didn’t post much about my nails in 2016, I did continue to wear polish and practice the craft of polish application. As I’ve gotten better with that, I’ve really come to love the darker colors. Despite my original disapp
ointment, Koko 2.0 is definitely one of my favorites in my collection – dark and holo, what’s not to love?!


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