#ManiMonday: January 4

On the long list of my New Year’s resolutions, one of them is re-forming the habit of setting out my clothes the night before so I know what I’m wearing the next day. After picking out my outfit and laying it out for myself, I realized I still needed to do my nails for this upcoming week.  I knew I really wanted to use one of the colors from the Magic 8 Box; I had gotten it earlier in December but hadn’t gotten a chance to use them yet.

The Inspiration
Sweater from Target


The Polish
Dream Polish Gem Stick Base Coat in Bird of Paradise
My Indie Polish Cosmic Landscape (Magic 8 Box Exclusive)
Jolie Polish Stamping Black
Dream Polish Ultra Wax Top Coat in Hawaiian Orchard


The Tools
Jolie Polish Clean-up Brush
Jolie Polish XL Stamper
Harry Potter Stamping Plate – Ravenclaw
Lush Lemony Flutter


The Finished Product


Overall, I’m pretty damn happy with this mani. It’s pretty classy. I really do love the My Indie Polish – the formula was smooth and the holo was gorgeous. I was also very impressed with how the Ultra Wax Top Coat helped mute it in such a way that kept it true to the color. As always, Jolie Polish stamping polishes are top notch and stamping is always a good time. I certainly look forward to purchasing more My Indie Polish and more stamping plates to do this stuff more often!


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