Classy Christmas

While preparing Christmas presents, I managed to ruin yesterday’s Rudolph manicure, so I figured I’d start over and do something different. I always want to make sure my nails are on point when I see my besties; they always read my blog and like my nail posts so I have to make sure to show off my nail skillz when I see them.

I’m bad at #selfies, but here’s the gang

My original thought was to do gold nails (Gold on the Ceiling from Philly Loves Lacquer – it’s one of my favorites and an immediate go-to when I want anything gold) with red, white, and green polka dots (all from Love, Angeline). After many unsuccessful attempts, I couldn’t get it the way I wanted to I went back to the drawing board.

I ultimately drew inspiration from my ugly Christmas sweater – it was black with white, green, and red accents. I was wearing red pants to go with it, so I ran with the red idea.

IMG_4965I painted my nails with Love, Angeline Red Wine from the Let’s Grab a Drink collection. Immediately, I felt better. The coverage was perfect with just one coat and I easily could have walked out of the house, satisfied with my nails. I didn’t though. Instead, I grabbed the tree and snowflake nail vinyls that I got from What’s Up Nails. I really loved how the tree came out for #ManiMonday and wanted to recreate that. I also wanted to add some more cheer to my other nails and use something I hadn’t used yet, so voila, the snowflakes.

I am so happy with this manicure. It’s super simple, it was easy to do, and it look super classy.


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