“On Wednesdays We Wear Pink”

I didn’t originally wear this mani on a Wednesday, but it’s the perfect pink for a Mean Girls reference. I got this color from Ella + Mila from my boss, believe it or not. She knows someone who does purchasing on behalf of a large store, the samples she shares with my boss, who in turn brings them to work and shares them with us!IMG_4589

I nearly screamed when she gave me this polish. I was so pumped – I saw Ella + Mila all over the place but hadn’t had a chance to buy anything from them or try them out.

From Rio XO is from the Samba Collection (which has some beautiful neons). The color is like pink and orange and red all at the same time – was pretty cool but also threw my eyes for a loop. This wasn’t the only thing that was weird: the polish was really runny but was almost opaque in one coat. But it was also like a jelly, because even though after two coats I really couldn’t see my nail, I could definitely small bits of dirt here and there under my nails. It was strange.

IMG_4713As always, I did a Dream Polish sandwich of Smooth Gem Base Coat and Gem Glam Top Coat. Wrapping was more successful this time and the polish lasted three days without chipping.

Ultimately, this is a great color and I will absolutely wear it again (this summer).


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