#ManiMonday: November 30

Now that Thanksgiving has official passed we can move passed pumpkin spice everything and get to peppermint! In preparation for this very moment, I purchased Peppermint Twist from Noodles Nail Polish a few weeks ago. I decided to pair it up with Everybody Say LOVE! from Indigo Bananas, a polish I got in the For the Love of Indies box.

The Inspiration


The Polish
Dream Polish Smooth Gem Base Coat in Into the Woods
Noodles Nail Polish in Peppermint Twist
Indigo Bananas in Everybody Say LOVE!
Dream Polish Gem Glam Top Coat in Pink Sugar


The Tools
KBShimmer Cuticle Oil in Peppermint


The Finished Product


Let me just start out with I am very proud of my painting skills for this manicure – I didn’t even need to use my clean-up brush! Before all of that though, I was pretty nervous about trying both of these polishes. I’m really terrible at applying crellies, for one. I always manage to put on too much and then it gets gloopy and never dries. Glitters also tend to be a pain and to distribute on the nail. I was so wrong about these polishes. Peppermint Twist applied so evenly and the glitter distribution was perfect. It was perfectly opaque in two coats, but I did three just to get a bit more glitter. As for the Indigo Bananas – it also applied really well and the glitter distribution was perfect. It looked a little redder in the bottle, but I really like it. The combination works perfect and I can’t wait to wear both of these colors more often.


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