#ManiMonday: November 23

In keeping with the process of trying all of my untried polish, I moved along to Anna from Sincerely Polish for this week. Nothing fancy, just needed to prove to myself I didn’t absolutely suck at applying glitter polish (I do). Furthermore, my friend Alyssa sent me a Snap from the frozen tundra we know as Chicago to show that it was snowing. I figured it was a sign.

The Inspiration

The Polish
Dainty Digits Glitter Be Gone
Sincerely Polish Anna
Dream Polish Gem Glam Top Coat in Pink Sugar


The Tools
Jolie Polish Clean-Up Brush
SweetBabybyDonna Cuticle Oil in Summer Carnival


The Finished Product


I think this polish is a perfect representation of Anna from Frozen. I really love it. I did my best to apply thin coats on all my fingers (but only did so successfully on my thumb, pointer, and middle). My ring fingers and pinkies got an absurd amount of polish in my attempt to leave as many glitters on there as possible. It looked pretty awful, I’m not going to lie. By noon, I started picking all of the polish off – which is totally safe because I used Dainty Digits glitter base, so it all popped right off without damaging the nail.

I definitely can’t wait to get into all of the other princess inspired polishes from Sincerely Polish (at least the ones I have – I’m missing a full collection. Wah!).


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