#MidWeekMani: November 19

The manicure I did for Monday started chipping pretty fast, with that and knowing I have about a million untried polishes, I took acetone to the rose gold and started fresh!

IMG_4584For this #MidWeekMani, I wanted to use a beautiful light mint color I got from Nars called Thasos. I picked up this beauty when I wanted free shipping for a Sephora order; nail polish seemed like the only reasonable thing to buy (especially Nars) since I’m not a huge make up wearer… even if it was $18.

Let me just start by saying that the brush in this polish is genius! It’s rounded and made application so easy – I barely needed to use my clean-up brush at all! The formula was super smooth and was virtually opaque in one coat (the second coat really made it perfect). The only downside was that the next day, less than 24 hours, it already started chipping! Maybe I’ve been really hard on my hands, but I was disappointed. I’ll definitely have to do a better job wrapping next time though.

IMG_4587For the accent nail, I used Pocahontas from Sincerely Polish. I did a little dabbing and a little painting to make sure I got a lot of gold and some nice teal glitters on there. I’m going to be honest though, application super sucked and this is the reason I hate glitter. I wanted to do a gradient but I couldn’t make it happen. I’ll keep practicing with it, but ugh!

10/10 would wear Thasos again. Especially in the summer!


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