The New Plan

I love indie brands and nail polish way too much for my own good. My polish collection is pretty damn big and I have so many accessories, I don’t really know what to do with it all.

Perhaps more importantly, I think my spending is a little out of control. I need to be a responsible adult and start putting a little more away for emergencies, retirement, future investments (like fun vacations!), etc. For that reason, I sadly and reluctantly, have put myself on a (polish) spending freeze.

Since I can’t buy new things, I’m realizing how long it’s going to take me to get though all the polishes I haven’t worn before. So, the new plan is to go through ALL of the polish! I’ll get these done through my usual #ManiMonday posts and maybe I’ll even add some #NOTD type of stuff. The goal is to keep it simple and easy while I feature all the lovely polish I have in my collection.TIYJ8794

So, without further ado, I present the first of these type of posts: for this Saturday’s #NOTD, I have Polished for Days “Purple Haze” from the For The Love of Indies inaugural box, featuring Jolie Polish “Rose Gold” on the accent nail. The giraffe nail shields are from Love, Angeline. I used Dream Polish Smooth Gem Base Coat in Pink Sugar for the base coat and Dream Polish Gem Glam Top Coat in Pink Sugar for the top coat.

HEZL9164The Purple Haze is a beautiful purple holo polish. I think it would definitely be considered “blurple” in some circles (blue/purple color; I actually thought it was blue on the first few looks at it in the bottle!). The first coat I applied pretty thing and it came out a little streaky. I did a thicker second coat which made the polish more even and fully opaque. I applied the Dream Polish quick dry top coat to finish it all off.

KVFO2839For the accent nail, I peeled off the nail shields and stuck them to the top of my hand and peeled it off a few times to make sure it didn’t super stick to my nail and ruin the base layer of polish. Once I was confident it was un-sticky enough to be on my nails, I slapped it on there and painted one coat of Jolie Polish Rose Gold before removing the nail shield. I the gave the polish some time to dry before putting in the top coat so thatit wouldn’t smudge.

I really like this combination and each polish is beautiful on its own. 10/10 would wear again!


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