#ManiMonday: November 30

Now that Thanksgiving has official passed we can move passed pumpkin spice everything and get to peppermint! In preparation for this very moment, I purchased Peppermint Twist from Noodles Nail Polish a few weeks ago. I decided to pair it up with Everybody Say LOVE! from Indigo Bananas, a polish I got in the For the Love of Indies box. The Inspiration The Polish Dream Polish … Continue reading #ManiMonday: November 30

#ManiMonday: November 23

In keeping with the process of trying all of my untried polish, I moved along to Anna from Sincerely Polish for this week. Nothing fancy, just needed to prove to myself I didn’t absolutely suck at applying glitter polish (I do). Furthermore, my friend Alyssa sent me a Snap from the frozen tundra we know as Chicago to show that it was snowing. I figured it … Continue reading #ManiMonday: November 23

#ManiMonday: November 16

I’m feeling pretty refreshed after my two week #ManiMonday hiatus. Like I mentioned in my last post, the goal is to keep it simple and use polishes that I haven’t used before. With all of the polish I’ve gotten in the past few months, there’s definitely a lot I have to get through (which I started on Saturday with Polished for Days!). One color I … Continue reading #ManiMonday: November 16