#ManiMonday, October 26

My friends and family, always supportive and feeding my nail polish / nail art addiction, shared with me a Facebook page (Nails Art Design Magazine) with a host of wonderful videos and fan nail art. One video, called “Amazing Halloween nails!” popped up on my feed and I knew I had to replicate one of the designs. With the arrival of my Black Dahlia Lacquer Colored Cremes Collection this weekend, I knew this week was the week!

The Inspiration
Creepy Eyes by @NailsbyCambria

The Polish
Dream Polish Smooth Gem Base Coat in Into the Woods
Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy in Blackjack & Sure Thing
Black Dahlia Lacquer Yellow Rose & Ivy Vines
Dream Polish Gem Glam Top Coat in Pink Sugar


The Tools
Forever Polished Mani Bomb in Mango Papaya (not pictured)
Up & Up Cosmetic Wedge (not pictured)
Jolie Polish Clean-up Brush
Jolie Polish Nooks and Crannies
Small Detail Brush
Small Dotting Tool
Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter


The Finished Product

IMG_4304 IMG_4302 IMG_4297  

I knew I was going to struggle with this mani, so I started everything off with a quick relaxing soak in a Forever Polished Mani Bomb (from the For the Love of Indies box). It smelled delicious and was also orange so I was definitely in the Halloween spirit. I then painted my middle and ring finger with two coats of Black Dahlia Lacquer Yellow Rose then topped with the Gem Glam Top Coat. Once that was done, I grabbed the Nooks and Crannies and put that around my nail and waited for it all try dry. Using both Yellow Rose and Ivy Vine, I did a gradient on my nail (which actually came out horrible) and topped with the quick dry top coat. Finally, I got to making the eye – using the detail brush and the Blackjack polish from Revlon, I etched out the slant and painted everything around that black, rounding out a thin line on the bottom. I made the small dash for the line and used the dotting tool with Sure Thing on it for the white dot. To finish everything up, I painted the rest of my nails black (just one coat!) and put a top coat on everything.

I really love how this came out and I’m very proud of myself. I’ll be honest though, this design was pretty easy to complete, all you need is a steady hand and awesome black polish (and a detail brush; I definitely couldn’t have done this with the brush that came in the polish!). My right hand even came out pretty good and I am not ambidextrous, so that really tells you how simple this whole thing actually is. I absolutely love this manicure, every single thing about it!


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