Review: Black Dahlia Lacquer Colored Cremes Collection

I found Black Dahlia Lacquer on Instagram a few months ago and have been following them for a while. It wasn’t until the Colored Cremes Collection launched that I decided I needed to have all of them. What really sold me was that they are mostly one coat wonders and that they are good for stamping. VQVY2393

I knew this collection had to be a part of my personal collection. I have a lot of holos and things that glisten and shimmer, but not a lot of cremes. Also, as I’ve become more and more enamored with stamping, I knew I had to start expanding the number of polishes that work well with it. And there this collection was, just staring back at me on my Instagram feed. Obviously, I bought the polish within five minutes of seeing it and couldn’t wait to get it on my nubby nails.

Before even getting into the swatches, I want to talk about product packaging. I have never seen bottles like these before and I absolutely love them. They’re incredibly unique and I’ll be able to pick out a Black Dahlia Lacquer polish just by feel.

Yellow Rose

Left: No Flash, Right: With Flash
Yellow Rose Left: No Flash, Right: With Flash

This is the bright yellow creme. I think it’s a perfect, true yellow. Perhaps people with better polish application ability than myself could get a way with one coat of this, but I did two because the first coat came out a little streaky for me. It’s a truly lovely color when it dries and is already one of my favorites.

Sunflower Bouquet

Left: No Flash, Right: With Flash
Sunflower Bouquet Left: No Flash, Right: With Flash

Sunflower Bouquet is a really nice pink-y coral color that I’m so excited to have! It reminds me of sherbet or part of a sunset. This one, like Yellow Rose, was a little streaky for the first coat, so I applied two and I love how it looks.

Ruby Blooms

Left: No Flash, Right: With Flash
Ruby Blooms Left: No Flash, Right: With Flash

The description says it’s red, but this highly pigmented color looks like a dark hot pink to me. Either way, I really love it and it’s a great addition to my already huge pink indie polish collection. This beauty is perfect with just one, smooth coat. I had absolutely no problems with application whatsoever. This one is a serious winner.

Ivy Vine Left: No Flash, Right: With Flash

Ivy Vines

If there ever existed a more perfect green, I have not found it. I’m a huge green fan because of my alma mater and this one is perfect for any UMiami mani I could dream up. Again, this one was perfect in one coat.

Blue Ice Blooms Left: No Flash, Right: With Flash

Blue Ice Blooms

Although I definitely have colors in my collection of the sky blue persuasion, I’m happy I have it in an indie brand now. Like the other few before it, one coat does the trick because of how pigmented it is; super easy application with no streaking.

Moonlight Petals Left: No Flash, Right: With Flash

Moonlight Petals

This creme navy is something I never knew I needed. It’s the perfect fall blue color that is highly pigmented. That being the case, one coat covers the nail in full and then it’s ready for a top coat!

Lavender Lilies Left: No Flash, Right: With Flash

Lavender Lilies 

The duality of this color is pretty awesome. As you can see, without a flash, the polish has almost a grey-ish quality to it, but when the flash is on, it’s a pretty pure, vibrant, lavender. Again, this one is highly pigmented and I only needed one coat for perfection.

If you couldn’t already tell, I really like all of these polishes. They are all very lovely colors and applies very easily. I highly recommend each and every one of these polishes, especially if you’re looking to acquire some quality cremes for your collection.

This having been my first experience with Black Dahlia Lacquer, I can honestly say I can’t wait to try more polishes and see what else is out there by them!

For all of the swatches, I used Dream Polish Gem Stick Base Coat in Maple Apple and Dream Polish Gem Glam Top Coat in Pink Sugar.


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