#ManiMonday, October 19

With Halloween approaching and all those wonderful ghoulish manicures going around Instagram, I had to do something this week to celebrate the coming holiday. With my vinyls from What’s Up Nails and the new Fallin’ For Holos collection from Smokey Mountain Lacquers at hand I was excited very excited to get to work.

I knew I wanted to do a spooky gradient for the background of the tombstone accent nail, so really the hard part was figuring what solid color I wanted to paint the rest of my nails. For the gradient, I settled on Smokey Mountain Fog, Denim Diva, and Blackberry Jam, so I figured it would be wise to pull from those colors. The blue wasn’t coming through as well as I hoped (or so I thought), so I went with that.

The Inspiration
Graveyard Mani featured on Whats up Nails Instagram

Grave Yard

The Polish
Dream Polish Smooth Gem Base Coat in Tropical Mojito
Smokey Mountain Lacquers in Smokey Mountain Fog, Denim Diva, Blackberry Jam, and Koko 2.0
Dream Polish Gem Glam Top Coat in Sun + Sand


The Tools
Graveyard Nail Vinyls from Whats Up Nails
Jolie Polish Clean-up Brush
Up & Up Cosmetic Wedge


The Finished Product


Individually, these colors are all so wonderful and their holo spectrum is pretty incredible. The gradient came out pretty awesome too – I just wish my nails were a bit longer to give it all more space. Unfortunately, the holo black for the vinyl was just too much. It obscures the design because of all the amazing shimmer. On the plus side, I struggled with getting this vinyl to work with me, so the obscuring is not necessarily a bad thing. Some of the crosses look like ghosts, so I’ll take it. Next time I’ll definitely work with a creme black instead to get a better contrast.

Look at those mad drawing skillz.
Look at those mad drawing skillz.

It took almost the whole day for these nails to grow on me. Part of why they did is because while at work today, I threw on the Halloween Pandora station while I sketched Halloween murals for an upcoming project. It really got me into the spirit, so not only was I accepting of my terrible drawings, I was accepting of my imperfect nails.

I really can’t wait for Halloween!


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