#ManiMonday, October 12

When I was younger, I had this super awesome and creepy plastic pumpkin that took batteries. When on, it had a motion detector and would do this evil laugh. It scared the crap out of me, but I absolutely loved it. So, with Halloween approaching and that laughing pumpkin seared into my memory, I wanted to do a fun jack o’lantern mani.

As I was going through all my lovely oranges, I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to use. Then, duh, what about the nail polish I literally just swatched with pumpkin in the name? Really, it couldn’t have been a more perfect fit.

The Inspiration
Well, kind of. You get the point.

The Polish
Dream Polish Smooth Gem Base Coat in Tropical Mojito
ExuberAnt Polish in Pumpkin Puree
Philly Loves Lacquer in SBP#103
Dream Polish Gem Glam Top Coat in Sun + Sand


The Tools
Jolie Polish Clean-up Brush
Detail Brush
Northern Star Polish Cuticle Oil in Enchanted Apple
The Body Shop Absinth Purifying Hand Butter


The Finished Product



So I free-handed those triangles and the “w” squiggle and I’m really proud. I did the same on my right hand, which looks hysterical; you can tell I’m not ambidextrous and how hard I struggled to make it happen (which is why I’m not going to embarrass myself by posting it). I used my Uber Chic Uber Mat to get the Philly Loves Lacquer polish on the detail brush. This was done after two easy coats of Pumpkin Puree followed by the Dream Polish quick dry top coat. I gave the pumpkin face some time to dry before applying the top coat to that just to make sure it didn’t smudge.

After all of this, I threw on some of the Northern Star Polish cuticle oil around my nails (my cuticles are destroyed from the acetone, work, and changing seasons, so I was in desperate need!). I gave it a minute or two, then rubbed it in. About 30 minutes later, I followed all that up with The Body Shop Absinthe Purifying Hand Butter to really lock some moisture in there.

I’m really happy with this simple Halloween manicure. I think one of the best parts is how both the orange and black are holo polishes, so there’s a consistent sparkle. Not only does it look great, it gave me enough time to focus on caring for my hands with delicious and wonderful smelling cuticle oil and lotion.


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