Inspired: Kintsugi

My first memory of anything having to do with Ben Gibbard was watching the “Such Great Heights” music video on MuchMusicUSA/Fuse when I returned home from my first band camp in 2003. Two summers later, I remember returning from one of the greatest band camps ever and listening to Fuse play “Soul Meets Body” as I unpacked. At the time, I was really into Linkin Park, Evanescence, Brand New, etc., so I didn’t really look into Death Cab for Cutie or the Postal Service. I’m happy I didn’t.

Halloween 2012
Halloween 2012

It wasn’t until I first met my boyfriend that I really dove into Death Cab for Cutie. I wanted to listen to things he was into, so I downloaded almost their entire discography and got to listening. Their music, specifically their album Transatlanticism, was the soundtrack to the summer I fell in love with him.

Death Cab for Cutie instantly became one of my favorite bands. I might have been a little late to the game, but I doubt that at 12 years old when Transatlanticism was first released, I would have understood, never mind appreciated or related to much of their music.

In 2014, I dragged the boyfriend to Atlantic City to see Death Cab for Cutie play. We arrived hours early to ensure I got as close to Ben Gibbard as possible. I was not messing around and he was not a happy camper about the long wait and lots of standing. So, when I saw that DCfC was touring again and would be at Madison Square Garden, I figured this would be a great opportunity to redeem his previous experience (we have seats!).

Kintsugi – album art

Immediately after I bought the tickets, Death Cab slowly released their album on iTunes, song by song. The new album is called Kintsugi, after the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold/silver/platinum highlighting the places it was broken. The idea is that damage and breakage is a part of the piece’s history. They named the album to make the best out of the departure of Chris Walla, guitarist and founding member of DCfC.

I thought the album art for Kintsugi was really interesting and being that their concert is tonight, I wanted to imitate the album art using the water marble technique.

If there was a more frustrating technique for nail art, I have not found it. I struggled so hard trying to get sharp lines. I am happy with what I was able to create, but it isn’t exactly what I wanted. I will have to practice some more, read up on tips and tricks, and watch more tutorials.

IMG_3755I prepped my nails with KBShimmer Nail Prep pH Balancing Pre-Polish Nail Treatment, used Dream Polish Smooth Gem Base Coat in Tropical Mojito, painted a base of Cult Cosmetics El Porto, and prepared for the water marble. Using warm tap water and a regular plastic cup, I layered El Porto, KBShimmer My Life’s Porpoise and How You Dune? and used a toothpick to pull the polish into my pattern of choice. To reduce clean-up, I used Jolie Polish’s Nooks and Crannies. To finish everything off, I put a coat of “HTC” from Smokey Mountain Lacquers (Beauty Quartet Box exclusive) and followed that up with KBShimmer Clearly On Top Quick Dry Top Coat.

IMG_3746I think my favorite attempt was my thumb. Sadly the pictures that I have aren’t too great. All in all though, I was pretty impressed with how successful this first attempt at water marbling went. I think all of the designs came out pretty neat.

IMG_3745While I love the holo-y goodness of the HTC, I feel like it detracts a little from the water marbling. I think this is the case for this manicure in particular because I used gray/white and the HTS is silver and shimmery, so it kind of obscures the smaller lines.


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