Review: Dream Polish Smooth Gem Base Coat

I’m not a serious scheduler when it comes to my posts, but this one is kind of impromptu for me. If I do reviews, I prefer to give a before and after shot for the results, but since that was not at all my intention with this product, that didn’t happen. That being said, I wanted to take some time to rave about Dream Polish Smooth Gem Base Coat, which strengthens and protects nails.IMG_3513

If you’re not familiar with Dream Polish, they have several different kinds of base and top coats that can come in a host of different scents. In an effort to expand my horizons, I got a few base coats and top coats at the end of July. Since then, I have used the Smooth Gem Base Coat (in the limited edition summer scent, Tropical Mojito) for every manicure I have done.

When I was preparing my nails for my #ManiMonday, August 31, I actually noticed a real difference in my nails. While I wouldn’t consider my nails “weak,” they sometimes get flakey and peel and they would break if they got just a little too far over the tip of my finger (it wasn’t very far). Neither of these have been issues this past month. First and foremost, my nails have not been flakey or peeling – they’ve been beautiful, hard, and even. Also, my nails in #ManiMonday, August 24 are the longest they have been in a while, and I bet they would have continued on had I not cut them. When I did cut them, they didn’t immediately bend to will of my clippers and flatten out and they also stood tall against my glass nail file.

This Smooth Gem Base Coat from Dream Polish is definitely a strengthening base coat I will continue to use. I do believe that my nail health has improved since beginning to use this product. It has also done an excellent job of protecting my nails from being stained. At $6.95 for the 15 mL bottle (full sized), the cost is definitely on the lower end, maybe a dollar or two more than some, but less expensive than base coats from essie or OPI by at least $2 and totally worth every single penny. I highly recommend checking out this base coat to anyone and everyone looking to strengthen and harden their nails. This base coat really is the best in my book.


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