This is about as politically active as I’ll get on my blog: I stand with Planned Parenthood. They do amazing work by providing STI screenings, cancer screenings, information about sex, birth control. Attacks on this institution are completely unfounded and absolutely ridiculous – they help those without insurance, with limited resources. Planned Parenthood educates people, helps them stay healthy, and gives them options. This Washington … Continue reading #PinkOut

#ManiMonday, September 28

Ahh, the first Monday of the Fall season. Since it is now officially autumn, I have dove into everything and anything that is pumpkin spice or apple pie scented/flavored; lotions and sprays included. In honor of this great pumpkin season and everything warm, cozy, and orange, I did a lovely orange, glitter gradient manicure. The Inspiration Bath and Body Works Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Body Spray … Continue reading #ManiMonday, September 28

Inspired: Kintsugi

My first memory of anything having to do with Ben Gibbard was watching the “Such Great Heights” music video on MuchMusicUSA/Fuse when I returned home from my first band camp in 2003. Two summers later, I remember returning from one of the greatest band camps ever and listening to Fuse play “Soul Meets Body” as I unpacked. At the time, I was really into Linkin … Continue reading Inspired: Kintsugi

#ManiMonday, September 7

Happy Labor Day, all! I hope everyone is enjoying this last hurrah of summer with barbecues, parades, fireworks, and fun. Labor Day was created by the labor movement as a “workingman’s holiday” to celebrate the worker’s contributions to America’s prosperity and social/economic achievements. The first Labor Day was on the first Monday in September 1882. It was celebrated by the Central Labor Union in New … Continue reading #ManiMonday, September 7

Inspired: My Brother

My parents divorced when I was eight. Since then, I’ve been the fortunate daughter of two sets of parents, both of which have given me a wonderful assortment of younger siblings. The first of these siblings is my brother, Joe. He’s two years younger than me. On Friday, September 4th, he graduated from boot camp. This is beyond a huge accomplishment and I could not … Continue reading Inspired: My Brother

Inspired: Fifty Days at Iliam

In 2008, I went to Harvard Summer School and met the loveliest group of young women. To this day, I keep in touch with most of them (thank you, Facebook, Instagram) and sometimes I’m even fortunate enough to see them. Last night was once such occasion. Hannah Van Sciver, one of these lovely ladies, is an artist through and through. While I have been a … Continue reading Inspired: Fifty Days at Iliam

Review: Dream Polish Smooth Gem Base Coat

I’m not a serious scheduler when it comes to my posts, but this one is kind of impromptu for me. If I do reviews, I prefer to give a before and after shot for the results, but since that was not at all my intention with this product, that didn’t happen. That being said, I wanted to take some time to rave about Dream Polish Smooth Gem … Continue reading Review: Dream Polish Smooth Gem Base Coat