Review: KBShimmer Mani Shots

I’m always looking for new products that can improve my nail and hand health. Mani Shots from KBShimmer seemed like a great option. They have 25 different scents, 9 of which are limited editions (and two are currently sold out) and cost $1.95 a pop. Each Mani Shot is loaded with cocoa butter, shea butter, jojoba oil, and olive oil to make hands silky smooth and moisturized. IMG_3406

I decided to do this trial using the Maple Bacon Bar Mani Shot for a few reasons:

  1. It’s the most interesting scent I purchased.
  2. I love both Maple and Bacon scents.
  3. The packaging was cracked and I didn’t want it to somehow magically dissolve all over my vanity. (According to the website, the Mani Shots expand in the heat and cause small cracks in the plastic; this does not impact the Mani Shot).

With that decision made, I got a bowl, filled it with warm water and got to work.

To get the Mani Shot out of its container, I took off the lid and started squeezing the sides. As you can see in the video above, IMG_3409it came slowly at first, then all dumped out. As soon as the first few bits got into the water, it all started to fizz. Serious fizz occurred after all of the Mani Shot was in the water. This fizz was so serious, that I thought it was going to overflow the bowl and get on my laptop (because I’m a genius and I put my bowl on top of it), which is why the video is so short.

Once that died down a bit, i submerged my hands, occasionally rubbing them together, for approximately 10 minutes.

After the 10 minutes was up, I took my hands out of the water, rubbed them together to distribute the oils and butters, and dabbed them dry (as per the KBShimmer directions). My hands definitely felt smooth and moisturized. My nails glistened and looked very healthy.

IMG_3410Unfortunately, I wasn’t a huge fan of the Maple Bacon Bar scent. It definitely lives up to its description on the KBShimmer website, having that savory, smokey smell of bacon followed by a sweet, maple smell. For me, the bacon scent was just too strong. It very seriously smelled like pork and while I do love bacon, it’s not something I really wanted on my hands. I’m very happy that I tried this scent because I would always wonder what it smelled like and I’m a little disappointed I didn’t like it more.

IMG_3411This was a luxurious experience and I aim to pamper myself with these at least once a month. I look forward to trying all the other scents, especially those from my most recent KBShimmer haul (peppermint, pumpkin spice, chai tea, and pink sugar). In the long term, I think it would serve me better if I moisturized post-Mani Shot and also stick to a better moisturizing regimen, to really lock in all of the butters and oils. All in all, i recommend this product for anyone interested in pampering themselves for ten minutes with oils, butters, and lovely scents, while also improving upon hand/nail health.


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