3 Simple Rules to Painting Your Nails

A few weeks ago, my colleague asked me how I paint may nails and get them so close to perfect. Besides practice, not painting my nails immediately before bed, and having that boss clean-up brush from Jolie Polish, I have three simple rules I recommend everyone follow.

  1. Wear the same type of base coat, nail polish, and top coat. I’m not saying you need to wear all the same brand, but they should all be the same basic chemical composition – wearing 3-free or 5-free all the way though. This is important because different formulas evaporate at different rates. These differing evaporation rates can lead to smudges and other issues while you wait for the polish to dry.
  2. Patience is key. Haha, I know right? Coming from the person who can barely wait for a quick dry polish to dry so I can do put vinyls on or do a design, this is hilarious. But seriously, it is important to wait long enough for each coat to dry enough to do a second coat or apply the top coat. It will ultimately save you time and a lot of agony – no one likes having to redo a nail and risk messing up some of the others just to get the job done.
  3. Acceptance. Your manicure is not going to be perfect, and that’s okay. There are some things that can be done to fix smudges and mistakes, like another layer of top coat or a clean-up brush, but when it comes down to it, love your mani for what it is.

imageAs I mentioned before, practice is key. It’s amazing how good you can get at applying a coat or two of polish without getting it on your cuticle or skin; knowing how much polish you need on the brush to get each nail painted. When it really comes down to it, as long as your happy with your mani, that’s all that matters.


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