#ManiMonday, August 17

Fall 2010 - we just got these new uniforms and I was really happy about wearing them.
Fall 2010 – we just got these new uniforms and I was really happy about wearing them.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this yet, but I went to college at the University of Miami. It’s kind of a big deal. Like many other alumni, I am a rabid UM fan and so proud to call Miami my alma mater and home. I spent all four years at university as a member of Band of the Hour, the largest spirit organization at the school. In this short post, I can’t adequately describe the importance BOTH played in my life, but I will say that it brought me to my closest friends, taught me leadership and time management, and propelled me into a life of service. Without Band of the Hour and the University of Miami, I would not be the person I am today.

That all being said, August tends to make me pretty nostalgic – band camp starts a week or two before school and after a full decade, I am not a part of it. I know it’s been two seasons, but it’s still difficult; a decade of band camps is hard to let go of. While this August is no different in terms of nostalgia, my level of excitement and pride is at an all time high. And with that, this manicure is my neon/pastel homage to the University of Miami and the Band of the Hour.

The Inspiration

The Polish
Dream Polish Smooth Gem Base Coat in Tropical Mojito
Love, Angeline in Meringue Tango, Match-a-Mint, and Summer Sorbet
KBShimmer Clearly on Top Quick Dry Top Coat


The Tools
KBShimmer Nail Prep pH Balancing Pre-Polish Nail Treatment
KBShimmer Chevron Vinyls
Love, Angeline Herringbone Vinyls
Jolie Polish Clean-up Brush
SweetBabybyDonna Cuticle Oil in Pink Sugar


The Finished Product

Right hand, no flash
Left hand, flash

I think this a pretty cute mani that is still summery but also incorporates my alma mater’s colors: green, orange, and white. The placement of the chevron vinyls makes it seem like I dipped my nails in candy and the herringbone accent nail is fun and whimsical. The Love, Angeline polishes dry shimmery and matte, almost chalky, without a top coat, but look equally as good with a nice sheen when a quick dry top coat is used. I feel like the polishes, particularly the white, can be difficult to work with. Sometimes my strokes make the polish streaky or uneven. Usually a second coat will fix this, but I try to be very careful with my polish distribution right off the bat to avoid this all together.

I really love all of these colors and am so happy to have the full Chateau Macaron collection from Love, Angeline. I’m also super pumped for football season and doing more University of Miami inspired manicures this fall.


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