#ManiMonday, August 10

Not feeling as ambitious, and having been dying to use the Mum nail vinyls I got from Love, Angeline, I decided this #ManiMonday was going to stay simple. I can’t even tell you how happy I was with this decision.

I ordered a few polishes from a few different collections during Femme Fatale’s last pre-sale/restock. When I first ordered them, I was kind of “meh” about the colors. Don’t get me wrong – I like them all, but they didn’t really call to me like some other colors have. I figured if this was the case now, I better wear them and get it over with. I am so glad that I did. First of all, the polishes went on so smoothly, both coats that I brushed on were immediately perfect. Secondly, the color – when it was on my nail, oh my god, I fell in love. I seriously plan to get the rest of all of the collections when they go back on sale in September because the two that I’m wearing today are absolutely amazing.

The Inspiration
Femme Fatale Glass Coffin & Her Imperial Majesty


The Polish
Dream Polish Smooth Gem Base Coat in Tropical Mojito
Femme Fatale Glass Coffin
Femme Fatale Her Imperial Majesty
KBShimmer Clearly On Top Quick Dry Top Coat


The Tools
SweetBabybyDonna Crystal Glass Nail File
Nail Clippers
KBShimmer Nail Prep pH Balancing Pre-Polish Nail Treatment
Love, Angeline Mum vinyls
Jolie Polish Clean-up Brush
Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter


The Finished Product



Remember that time I said I was happy I kept it simple? Yeah, that accent nail. Don’t get me started. I regret my decision on the mum vinyl. All the little sticky pieces would not come off – that was the most tedious process of my life! I just had the most difficult time get this thing to stick to my nail too, so I don’t have the cleanest lines, which is really frustrating when I tried so hard to get all the little petals out and the vinyl stuck to my nail just so. Thank goodness I only wanted to do one nail like this in the first place. At least now I can say I tried it.

Despite the accent nail’s short comings, I really love this manicure because of the colors. The Glass Coffin polish is just so damn cool. Depending on the light, it can look blue or it can look purple. The iridescence is perfect. It really is just cold and wintery and piercing and beautiful. Her Imperial Majesty is a color I’ll have to wear more, but it’s a wonderful compliment to Glass Coffin and was the easiest part about the accent nail. In summation, #NailsonFleek.


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