#ManiMonday, August 3

For this week’s #ManiMonday, my only thought was that I wanted to use the chevron vinyls I got in my last purchase from KBShimmer. Beyond that, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my manicure this week. From there, I thought I should keep everything fairly simple since last week’s manicure was a little whimsical. And then, I was like, “Hey! I just got this really awesome Vera Bradley notebook that has a great and interesting color combination!” (But really, it made for some great pictures).

It wasn’t even on purpose, but this manicure is all about Philly Loves Lacquer. I am wearing Pink Cashmere, a beautiful limited edition that was sold through Lacquer Chic Shop. It’s been my go-to holo hot pink since I got the polish almost a year ago. I’ve also been trying to make my way through the Springtime in Philly Collection, so I am also wearing Delancey Place. It’s actually pretty cool how well these polishes match up to the inspiration.

The Inspiration
Vera Bradley Journal in Palm Fronds


The Polish
KBShimmer Basic Training Nail Polish Base Coat
Pink Cashmere by Philly Loves Lacquer
Delancey Place by Philly Loves Lacquer
Dream Polish Gem Glam [Quick Dry] Top Coat in Sun & Sand


The Tools
SweetBabybyDonna Crystal Glass Nail File
KBShimmer Chevron Vinyls
Jolie Polish Clean-up Brush


The Finished Product


How cool is it that there were flowers in my backyard that matched this color scheme? I was super pumped about that.

I really love Pink Cashmere – it just went on so smoothly and has such a beautiful color. I had to load Delancey Place on to make it opaque, which made it difficult to have clean lines with the vinyl. Also, because it was laid on so thick, I have a super bumpy/textured accent nail. Don’t get me wrong, it looks pretty cool, but I am not a fan of the way it feels. I definitely prefer smoother nails, so this mani will likely be short lived. All in all though, I really do love the colors – both on their own and together so I deem this mani a success.


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