Short Nail Talk

For as much as I love long nails and envy all the swatchers out there that have them, I definitely prefer to keep my nails short. Here’s why:

  1. I do a lot with my hands everyday – between petting animals, moving lumber, typing, or loading paint, there’s a lot of opportunity for nail breakage. With short nails, the worry is virtually nonexistent.
  2. Short nails look good with my little hands. (At least I think so; and that’s what matters, right?)
  3. It’s so easy to make sure all my nails are even. I use the clippers to cut them down to the finger and do a quick file to make sure everything is all smooth. Ultimately, this cuts down on upkeep and mani prep time.
  4. I feel like I can get away with a lot of fun colors and patterns, especially in a professional environment. With short nails, it’s like a splash of color. Sometimes longer nails run the risk of being too flashy or over the top.
  5. When doing nails, it’s easy to scale up. Sometimes, I’ll do people’s nails and when their’s are longer, it just means I have more space to work.
  6. Alternatively, when I paint my little sisters’ nails and have to scale down, it’s less of an adjustment because I’m already used to the limited space I have.
  7. Less nail = easy clean-up, again cutting down upkeep and mani prep time.
Even at my longest in Fall 2014, my nails were still pretty short.
Even at my longest in Fall 2014, my nails were still pretty short.

I will concede, I do wish I had longer nails (sometimes), like when I have bug bites and my nails are too short to effectively scratch. In all seriousness though, I am missing out on a few things:

  1. I can’t really have squared or pointed nails and they look so clean and cool (respectively).
  2. I’m a little limited in the amount of design and nail art I can do.

Overall, I think the benefits of short nails outweigh the risks and frustrations of having long nails. As someone who has only just begun on a journey in the world of nail polish and nail art, I’m confident I’ll continue to grow and evolve, figuring out how to do all the cool stuff with what I’ve got.


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