#ManiMonday, July 13

This week’s #ManiMonday is brought to you by Smokey Mountain Lacquers.

Oh My Eyes Collection, Smokey Mountain Lacquer
Oh My Eyes Collection, Smokey Mountain Lacquer

After having tried “Better Shape Up” from the Beauty Quartet Box (BQB for all the cool kids) for my Fourth of July mani, I knew I needed more of their polish in my life. I headed over to their website and found the “Oh My Eyes” Collection of vibrant linear holos and got them all. (These colors are gorgeous, how could I resist?).

I received the collection in the mail last week and have been racking my brain since, “how do I want to do my nails for this upcoming #ManiMonday?” Inspiration struck on Sunday morning as I was switching out my bags to prepare for work on Monday. I reached for my wallet and the lightbulb went off.

The Inspiration
Wallet in Ziggy Zags from Vera Bradley

The Inspiration

The Polish
KBShimmer Basic Training Nail Polish Base Coat
Smokey Mountain Lacquers Orchid You Not & Too Hot To Handle
Orly Sec’N Dry Top Coat

The Tools
SweetBabybyDonna Crystal Glass Nail File
KBShimmer Zig Zag Vinyls
Jolie Polish Clean-up Brush
SweetBabybyDonna Cuticle Oil in Summer Carnival

The Finished Product

Right Hand
Left Hand

First of all, I love this color combination. Second, I love Smokey Mountain Lacquers. Both the Orchid You Not and Too Hot To Handle went on perfectly. Their formula is so smooth and has a great consistency which makes the polish super easy to apply. The first coat was opaque and nice, but the second coat proved that the colors are just as vibrant as they are in the bottle. The biggest challenge of this mani was the vinyl – I had little patience for the polish to dry enough to ensure the vinyl wouldn’t damage the bottom coat. Strangely, I didn’t move fast enough to remove the vinyls for a clean line the first try (it was a vicious circle of not wanting to wait and then having to). Once everything was said and done, I finished up with a quick swipe with the Summer Carnival cuticle oil (my god do I want to eat my fingers!) to counteract all the drying action from the acetone.

All in all, my nails are a teeny-tiny summer canvas and I even though it’s Monday, I’m walking on sunshine.


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